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The Little Rotter™ composting vessel has been developed for the processing of small to medium volumes of organic waste

By blowing air through a specially constructed floor and using a computer controlled fan and damper system to supply oxygen and forced air into the composting material the Little Rotter can dramatically accelerate the natural composting process of all organic matter.

With the added advantage of being able to kill harmful pathogens and plant seeds by the heat generated by the micro organisms feeding on the degrading material the Little Rotter is the ideal tool for dealing with those ever increasing piles of organic waste.

The Little Rotter provides a totally contained system, controlling unpleasant odours, liquid run off and a barrier to birds and vermin.

Organic waste such as fresh horse manure and straw can be processed over a two to three week period, each batch consisting of up to 7.25 cubic metres or 2.5 to 3 tonnes of waste. Temperatures of up to 70·c are achieved inside the Little Rotter helping to produce a fertile fibrous compost - not all resultant compost can be considered fertile, the final product is dependent on the initial type of waste stream.
The system is quick and easy to install and needs no major equipment, is mobile, robust, efficient and economical.

Smaller vessels are available, generally 1.2 m x 1.2 m with a cubic capacity of 1.5 cubic metres or approximately 0.5 tonne of waste.

Modular design allows for one vessel to be linked to another providing staggered cycles between one unit and another.