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Bunker Composting
For larger volumes of organic waste the Air Trac flooring system has been developed using similar technology to the Little Rotter and incorporates a factory produced precast concrete floor slab.

The floor slabs are manufactured with numerous specially designed air spigots placed onto a raised supporting structure which allows blown air to pass through the concrete and up into the organic material which greatly increases the composting process.

Supporting walls are constructed around the floor using precast concrete panels allowing storage of the material to a height of 2.0m or more. As with the Little Rotter, air flow is regulated by a computer controlled fan and damper system.

"ideal for clients with variable quantities or varying types of waste"

Depending on the volume and type of material the bunker system can be used in one of two ways....

• Processing using a number of bunkers, one to store untreated waste with conventional concrete floor, one to carry out the composting incorporating air track slabs, and a third to store the finished material.

• Processing using one large bunker incorporating air track slabs throughout the floor. This provides a flexible system whereby the entire bunker can be used for composting for large volumes of waste. Alternatively by regulating the air flow to designated areas of the bunker smaller volumes of material can be composted using different cycle times, ideal for clients with variable quantities or varying types of waste.